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Electrical Services


  • Trenching, Backfilling, Cable Laying and Cable Pulling.
  • Conduit Routing and Cable Tray Installations
  • Installations of Electrical Equipment such as:
    • Switch Gears
    • Ring Main Unit (RMU)
    • Load Break Switches
    • Panel Boards
    • Transformers and Protection Relays
    • Battery Banks
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Retrofitting of OLD Electro Mechanical Relays.
  • Protection Grading Verification and Implementation for66/11KV systems and 11KV Remote Substations.
  • Testing and Pre-Commissioning of the following:
    • Power Plants up to 1000MW
    • Substation up to 400KV
    • Switch Gears (Air Insulated and Gas Insulated)
    • Control Relays and Protection Relays
    • Power Transformer
    • SF6 Circuit Breaker
    • Capacitor Voltage Transformer
    • Feeder Distance Protection
    • Transformer Protection
    • Control Interlocks Over Current Protection
    • Auto reclose Relays
    • Battery Chargers and Battery Banks