Industrial Project Management Solutions

 Design & Engineering

IPMS provides Design & Engineering services for Electrical, Instrumentation, Control System, Industrial Communication, Fire Alarm Systems involved in Industrial projects. Our services include Project Management, Engineering Analysis, Detailed Design, Vendor Sourcing and Procurement services, Etc..


  Operation & Maintenance

IPMS provides Operation & Maintenance services which covers plant maintenance works as well as related services works which may range from maintenance carried out on plant equipment to single-source maintenance services for a manufacturing plant. IPMS serves Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Water, Desalination, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Metals , Minerals, Marine industries, Utilities etc… IPMS excels to meet client needs on start ups and shutdowns.

 Installation,Testing & Commissioning

IPMS provides Installation, Testing and Commissioning services for Electrical, Instrumentation, Control system, Industrial Communication, Fire Alarm Systems involved in Industrial projects. We provide these services for new projects as well as expansions of an existing plants. Our team consists of well qualified Engineering Professionals and Technicians. We also provide Testing, Commissioning , Calibration of filed instruments on field as well as at shop and maintenance services.

 Technical Resource & Training

IPMS provides well qualified, highly technical, safety oriented professionals to handle all kind of engineering and technical jobs . IPMS provides, Industrial Trainings, Project management Training, Control system trainings and Tailor made courses, Workshops, Seminars and Specialized programs. These programs are prepared & conducted by qualified faculties with extensive knowledge in their respective fields.
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